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About me

  Hi! Welcome to Joyful One Editing! I’m Roberta and I’m here to help you make your written content shine before you send it out for publishing.


  I have over twenty-five years of experience in education (eleven years homeschooling and fifteen years working as an Instructional Assistant in Special Education—Pre-K through post high school). I am a Christian and I’ve been studying the Bible for over thirty-five years. Helping others brings me great joy! One of my favorite activities is reading stories aloud for young audiences.


  I am a graduate of Edit Republic’s High-level Proofreading Pro course in proofreading and copyediting. I am a stickler when it comes to correctness, consistency, and clarity in written work of all kinds. I can help to ensure the project you’ve labored over is presented as you intend—as perfect as can be!


  Contact me to schedule a discovery call. I also offer a free sample edit.

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The Help We Needed

A friend and I had been writing a book for several years and the final reading was daunting. We enlisted Roberta to give it a fresh pair of eyes. She willingly accepted. She was able to see words, sentences and punctuation that was stopping the flow and, in some cases, losing its correct meaning. We are very thankful and highly recommend Roberta for your project!


Kristine DeBaca

Co-author, The Presence of God, From Garden to Table

Help With My Memoir

Roberta and I have known each other for many years. When I ventured out in writing a memoir about our family’s journey in providing care for children and families in crisis through foster care, I asked Roberta if she would read it and give me her honest opinion. Roberta said she was just beginning a new adventure with offering professional services in editing, proofreading, and formatting.

I was pleased with the work she did editing, proofreading , and making suggestions on my memoir. I was also impressed with the timely manner in which she completed the work.

We met to discuss my project and Roberta was very helpful in showing me on my own laptop how to access files and accept or reject her suggestions and corrections. I felt very comfortable, humbled as I know I have poor language arts skills, but my eyes were opened gently by Roberta!

I recommend using Roberta for your editorial needs.


M. S. McManus

Author, Circus Without a Tent

A Trustworthy Person

If you’re looking for a trustworthy person who is detailed and thorough, Roberta is that person! I had some very personal writings that needed a professional’s touch with proofreading and editing. I needed someone  I could trust with such private writings. When I found Roberta, I was glad that she wasn’t judgmental and was very trustworthy. She corrected my book with a fast turn around, just two days. She was detailed and made great suggestions while the piece still sounded like me. Even though I said it didn’t have to be perfect, she did a great job of making it as perfect as it could be. I highly recommend Roberta for help with writing anything! I plan to use her skills again and have referred her to other authors.


Molly Dyche                                                                                      

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